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Understanding gynecomastia

Oversized breasts in males can distort the profile and create an overly feminine aesthetic that is undesirable to most men. When this is due to excessive glandular tissue (a pale, rubbery compound) in the chest, the condition is called by its medical name, gynecomastia. Patients with this condition often work very hard at the gym, or restrict their diets significantly in order to see changes, but unfortunately these methods do not work, as gynecomastia can only be treated through surgery, liposuction or hormonal therapy.

Gynecomastia has many causes, which may include the reduction of testosterone due to the aging process, genetics, the abuse of steroids, drugs, pot or alcohol, an endocrine disorder, cancer or hormonal imbalance. Once gynecomastia has occurred, most men will find it does not go away on its own.


When enlarged male breasts are due merely to an excess of fat, it is referred to as pseudogynecomastia, and this condition can be improved greatly through diet and exercise, unlike true gynecomastia. In this case, it would be wise to consult with a dietician or nutritionist to figure out the best meal plan for cutting down one’s fat content, and with a professional fitness trainer who

can design a workout aimed at slimming and toning the chest.

In order to determine if your chest enlargement is true gynecomastia or not, it’s best to meet with a plastic surgeon such as Dr. Lahijani who can examine you, review your medical history, and determine the best course of action for your needs.

Choose the best plastic surgeon for your male breast reduction

Dr. Lahijani has extensive experience in body contouring and is considered an accomplished surgeon in his field. He has completed the rigorous, demanding training that results in leadership, and is a regular attendee at industry conferences, networking events and seminars. He always strives to bring the most innovative solutions to his clients as they are approved by the FDA.

In addition to his skill, training and experience, Dr. Lahijani creates a practice environment of approachability and discretion. Clients feel they can speak their minds, and that their concerns and questions are truly addressed and heard. Dr. Lahijani is especially attuned to those patients who suffer from poor body image, and can offer a variety of options for self-improvement.

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Moving forward

The first step in determining if you suffer from true gynecomastia, or its cousin, pseudogynecomastia, is to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Lahijani in the comfort and privacy of his Beverly Hills offices. The doctor will be able to determine the cause of your condition and what kind of solution will work best to treat your breast enlargement, whether that is diet and exercise, liposuction, hormone replacement, or surgical excision.

During your meeting, the doctor will perform a physical evaluation, review your medical records, and go over all previous attempts at breast reduction. Dr. Lahijani can show you before and after photographs of former clients so you can begin to form accurate expectations of the results that are possible with treatment.