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Liposuction as an option for male breast reduction

While not hazardous to your health, gynecomastia in men can cause considerable frustration and lowered self-confidence. It can be especially embarrassing in social situations where going bare-chested is the norm, such as at the beach or at the gym. Although liposuction can present an excellent solution for eradicating excess fat around the chest area, Dr. Lahinjani will always choose the least invasive path forward whenever possible. If, after a thorough physical examination and consultation it is determined that liposuction is the right approach for you, he will then proceed, thus delivering exceptional body contouring results along with peace of mind. As Dr. Lahijani is one of the top providers of gynecomastia treatment Los Angeles & Beverly Hills have to offer, you are in good hands.

Who is a good candidate for chest liposuction?

Dr. Lahijani suggests postponing any invasive surgery such as liposuction until the chest has achieved its full maturity, so he generally will not perform on clients under age 18. There is no upper age limit for liposuction, however all patients must be in good health, both physically and mentally, with no major unresolved medical issues. Clients should also have reasonable expectations from their procedure, as agreed upon in consultation with Dr. Lahijani.

Why choose Dr. Lahijani for gynecomastia liposuction treatment?

As a leading plastic surgeon and body contouring surgeon in Beverly Hills, Dr. Lahijani has performed literally thousands of successful liposuction procedures, and is known as offering among the best results in Los Angeles. He has trained not just in the US, but also abroad, bringing to his practice cutting edge techniques from Europe along with a more sophisticated and nuanced aesthetic vision.

What can I expect from the procedure?

Liposuction is accomplished using a slender tubular device known as a cannula, which suctions the fat out of the body and disposes of it. The cannula is inserted at tiny, strategically placed incisions and then gently moved back and forth to help break up the fat deposits. The doctor is careful to apply a uniform approach resulting in even, well-proportioned sculpting that is both stunning and natural-looking. Sometimes the removal of glandular tissue may also be required for a comprehensive outcome.

Where does my liposuction take place?

Dr. Lahijani performs gynecomastia liposuction at his accredited outpatient medical facility in Los Angeles, where discretion, comfort and convenience accompany stringent safety protocols and world class technology. From our beautiful, welcoming reception area to our state-of-the-art surgical suites, our body sculpting center is geared towards your complete satisfaction and recovery. On hand to assist you is Dr. Lahijani’s compassionate, experienced support team, including RNs, anesthesiologists, medical

Gynecomastia Treatment Los Angeles

How do I move forward with liposuction?

Your first step in finding out more about liposuction for gynecomastia is to come into our Beverly Hills offices for a private consultation with Dr. Lahijani. During this initial meeting, he will examine your fat deposits, review your medical history, go over any previous cosmetic treatments, and answer all your questions about liposuction in detail. He will go over costs, risks, benefits, recovery and more. The doctor will also be able to show you before and after photography for the procedure so you can get a more accurate idea of what to expect. With Dr. Lahijani, you are in good hands. He provides some of the best gynecomastia treatment Los Angeles has to offer.