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Financing your male breast reduction procedure can be a source of anxiety for some, but thanks to our caring and friendly patient coordinator, this process can be simple, rewarding and stress-free. We aim to provide you with outstanding patient care, and assisting you with your financing needs is one of the most important aspects of our commitment to your complete satisfaction.

We have a wide range of medical credit solutions available, and many of these companies offer no to low down payments, reasonable APRs, and extended repayment times in amounts ranging from $1000 to $25k. We work with CareCredit, American Healthcare Lending, MyMedicalLoan.com, MedLoanFinance.com, Prosper, and Alphaeon, among others.

We may be able to get you instant approval, so don’t hesitate to apply today. There are also in-house financing options available which you can discuss with the doctor during your consultation at our Los Angeles offices.

While insurance does not typically cover elective surgery for cosmetic issues, gynecomastia treatment may be reimbursable in cases where there is pain present, or where there is the risk for cancer. You will need to check with your insurance carrier for more detailed information.